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Functional classification applications of stainless steel toggle latch

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Update time : 2020-12-15 15:50:46
Stainless steel fastener is as a function of a quick open shut accessories, due to the needs of different in the different application, tend to be based on the actual demand when production accordingly improved structure, which is derived from a variety of different named according to its function as well as the material of different products, such as according to the function different, there are spring s, adjust s etc.

Several kinds of product type, let's to learn about these simple stainless steel fastener products type and application:Spring s: this type of stainless steel fastener refers to the  lock with elastic buffer function, its structure has spring, have the effect of elastic buffer even in some severe vibration equipment devices, can be very good to keep tightening effect, will not loose by the effects of the resonance vibration of elastic clasp lock generally adopts 304 stainless steel material, and one of the spring, generally adopts the special spring steel, so as to play a long spring buffer function, mainly used in the chassis cabinets tool box stainless steel frame structure industrial testing equipment, testing equipment, etc.

These places Adjust s: adjust s is mainly used in high-end machines, precision devices used to regulate precision when using can regulate installation location, general appropriate, more conducive to the operation, the use of common in heavy s flat nose s: flat nose s mainly include open/close the control panel welding steel spring retainer mechanical rivet of fixed base plate and the screw hole, at the same time retaining ring have been dealt with overhand carriage with stainless steel fastener: mainly used for fastening car compartments board, this kind of s demand is strong, have certain shock absorption function.
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