Knowledge of metal stamping parts

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Knowledge of metal stamping parts

In order to ensure the safety of stamping parts die in use, when designing its structure, it should try to ensure the convenience of feeding, ordering, discharging and cleaning up waste, which can also reduce the possibility of problems in the use of stamping parts die.When the need to face the processing of large precision stamping parts.

If the operator must hand deep stamping parts mold operation, to reduce the scope of the mold as far as possible, and as far as possible to shorten a part of the body in the mold stay time, and should be clear mold danger area, equipped with the necessary protective measures and devices.For the processing of small precision stamping parts, it is absolutely forbidden to extend the operator's fingers, wrist or other parts of the body into the stamping parts die area to avoid accidental injury.No matter what kind of stamping parts die.

The design should be marked on the general drawing weight of the die, easy to install, to ensure safety.When stamping parts die parts disassembly process, should pay attention to safety, to avoid the possibility of clamping hand, cutting hand;At the same time, the mold should be easy to disassemble and store.In the process of processing precision stamping parts, waste or workpiece flying missiles are not allowed to affect the attention of the operator, or even injure the operator.

When it comes to small precision stamping parts, there is no need to close any part of the body to the operation area, so it is strictly prohibited.When the stamping parts die disassembly and assembly, it should be convenient and safe, avoid the possibility of clamping and cutting hands, and reduce unnecessary damage.

In addition, the waste or workpiece flying missile phenomenon is not allowed in the process of processing precision stamping parts, because it will affect the attention of the operator, or even hurt the operator.And too much and too difficult movement is not allowed to appear in the stamping, so as not to cause harm.

It is required that all kinds of parts on the die of precision stamping parts should have sufficient strength and stiffness to prevent damage and deformation during use, especially those fastening parts should have anti-loosening measures to avoid accidental injury to the operator.In short, even minor problems can affect safety, so be cautious.

It is believed that the general precision stamping parts are thin plate hardware, that is, the parts can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means. A general definition is that the thickness of the parts is unchanged during the processing process.Precision stamping parts include all kinds of terminals, shrapnel, spring, etc.
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